15 February 2016

Regional Stakeholders Meeting 2016

GII will hold a series of workshops with a cross-section of MMDAs across the country about open governance. 

Overall Objectives

The core objective of the Open Governance Project is to encourage institutional reforms by governments in order to attain transparency and accountability in the operations of the political administration which would ultimately serve the interests of all citizens.

To achieve this goal there is a need to engage in information dissemination and awareness-raising among the citizens about Open Governance (OG); the Principles and Standards of OG should be explained to ordinary people in order for them to understand and through that push the government to adopt OG standards.


 Workshop Objective

GII will hold a series of workshops with a cross-section of MMDAs across the country about open governance. These workshops are aimed at generating discussions about governance issues, as well as providing an opportunity for ordinary people at the grass-root level to give their perspective on how open governance would improve their life situation.


Expected Outcome(s)

At the end of the workshop, GII expects the following;

  • Stakeholders understand the Open Governance Project, its principles and standards
  • MDAs and MMDAs at the local level understand their role in the implementation of the Open Governance Project and work toward integrating open governance in their activities.


Stakeholders / Participants

The workshops will bring together sixty (60) participants from the following institutions/ organizations across the selected activity areas;

  1. Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies at the local level
  2. Ministries, Departments and Agencies at the local level
  3. Commission for Human Rights And Administrative Justice
  4. Economic and Organized Crime Office
  5. Ghana Revenue Authority
  6. Audit Service
  7. Regional Coordinating Council
  8. National Commission for Civic Education
  9. Internal Audit Agency
  10. Civil Society Organizations with focus on governance
  11. Community Based Organizations
  12. General Public