I AM AWARE is a non-partisan citizen empowerment campaign of the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana). We collect analyze, archive, and disseminate user-friendly socio economic data on the state of public goods and public service delivery in 216 districts, located in all the ten regions of Ghana. This data covers public sectors such as Education, Sanitation, Health, Water, Agriculture, Roads and Security.

The aim is to empower the CITIZEN, particularly the POOR and VULNERABLE, and to improve their AWARENESS and ENGAGEMENT with duty-bearers in order to make the duty bearers more ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIVE.

I AM AWARE does this by providing FREE, ACCESSIBLE and USER-FRIENDLY INFORMATION on the state of public goods and service delivery in districts/constituencies in order to STRENGTHEN DEMAND for ACCOUNTABILITY in Ghana.

Our hope is that citizens will be armed with this handy information on the state of public service delivery in your districts/constituencies to be able to assess and evaluate the degree to which duty bearers are fulfilling their obligations.

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